Royal Tavern, terrace restaurant in Nantes!

It's always a pleasure to meet friends or family to enjoy wonderful moments in a comfortable restaurant.

However, finding the perfect restaurant is not always easy. You're at Nantes and you want to eat or take a drink in one Edenic place ?

Royal Tavern is a terrace restaurant in Nantes who has an enchanting space. Here are the reasons that prove that you need to make a turn.

Stunning views from our terrace restaurant in Nantes

Royal Tavern is in the downtown Nantes Place Royale. Its location makes it one of the destinations most popular from Nantes.

With the atmosphere of the place, you will understand that we invite you to our terrace for you to eyeful  !

Since its establishment in 1962, the Royal Tavern has continued improve its framework and services for the sole happy clients.

On his contemplative terrace, Hosted in the heart of the city, so you will have the opportunity to taste a Special outdoor kitchen.

La Taverne Royale, many flavors

Open continuously between 11 am and 2 amWe pay attention to food we offer.

At the Royal Tavern, you will simply be amazed by the preparations of our leaders. You will choose from many specialties Alsatian including:

  • The sea of ​​sauerkraut;
  • Alsatian sauerkraut;
  • Sauerkraut Tavern;
  • Soaring pie.

In addition to Alsatian specialtiesYou can also find your happiness with seafood specialties. The Oysters await you, as well as fresh fish and seafood, carefully selected.

Royal Tavern is a unique where you can relax with a friendliness and a gastronomy unusual.